At Dundas Family Dental, we know that establishing a healthy dental routine is vital for children. Getting them started on good oral health early on will become a lifelong habit. A good dentist will be training your kids to feel relaxed and unstressed during their regular check-ups, as well as providing essential preventative advice on good dental hygiene habits. They will also be able to provide a full range of dental services for the whole family, and recognize the importance of a healthy smile to confidence and well-being. 

When choosing a dentist for your children, here are some key things to look out for:

Is the practice local and easy to reach?
Does it offer convenient appointments, perhaps at evenings and weekends?
Are the staff welcoming and friendly?
Do you get a quick response when you contact them?
Is the dentist a parent themselves, able to relate to how kids think?
Do they have a strong education program which emphasizes preventative care?
Are they currently welcoming new patients?
Do they offer a full range of services, including wisdom teeth extraction and cosmetic dentistry?
Do they use the latest digital technology for x-rays and imaging?
Can they provide emergency dental care? 

How You Can Help As A Parent

One of the simplest and best ways to help your children is to model healthy dental care yourself: keeping up your own regular checkups, maintaining a healthy oral care routine, being aware of the foods and drinks that can be a danger to teeth. We all know that prevention is better than cure, but remember to practice what you preach!

If you are anxious about dentists, try not to pass it on to your kids. For example, there’s no need to say “it won’t hurt” – it just could give them an unnecessary worry they hadn’t thought of! A good dentist will understand and be sympathetic to any worries a patient has, and be happy to discuss any questions with you.

Learn how to help your kids care for their teeth at each stage of development – from helping little ones learn to brush, providing healthy food and drink choices, encouraging them to use floss and mouthwash, to taking older kids to be fitted for a sports mouth guard for athletic activities.

A great dentist will be there with you every step of the way along the journey of a lifetime – to put a happy, healthy smile on your kid’s faces! So if you’re currently searching for a dentist for your kids, use the checklist above as a guide.

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