A dental office is primarily responsible for promoting and exhibiting excellent patient care. In order for a dental office to attract and keep loyal patients, vital responsibilities include providing an excellent clerical staff, a clean and inviting environment, highly skilled hygienists and dentists, and patient-centered care.

First of all, it is imperative to have an excellent clerical staff to be the face of the dental office. From the moment a patient walks into the building and speaks to the person at the desk, a first impression has been established. It is necessary to have a clerical staff who pays attention to details, especially when it comes to appointment setting and billing. It is also extremely important to have people with superb phone skills for confirming appointments and following up with various concerns. When the clerical staff performs its duties with competence and efficiency, patients notice the smooth, organized environment and want to revisit.

In addition, a dental office has the responsibility to maintain a clean and inviting environment. As with any medical office, patients are concerned about hygiene and need assurance that their surroundings are sterile. From the dental instruments, to the floors, to the bathrooms, the office needs to be cleaned and sanitized daily. It is also important to maintain an inviting atmosphere as well. This can be accomplished by soothing interior design, artwork, water features, and other unique displays that create a calming ambiance.

Of even greater importance, it is necessary to offer patients highly skilled hygienists and dentists. Providing the highest level of care requires the best individuals in the field. A dental office must seek out the most qualified workers, taking into consideration their education, certification, and proper licensing. Displaying the qualifications of the dental staff also instills confidence among the clientele as well.

Finally, above all else, the biggest responsibility of a dental office is to provide patient-centered care. Although dental offices tend to be filled with rather scientific people, it is critical to extend beyond studied knowledge and reach the patients on a personal level. Many dental patients are fearful of dental work and need a compassionate, friendly face more than scientific lingo. In other cases, a dental office may be confronted with caring for patients with special needs. For example, if a parent brings a child with Autism to the office for a cleaning or filling, the staff needs to be knowledgeable and helpful in dealing with the particular issues that may arise. In many cases, these children are highly sensitive to noise, pain, and light, and they may be extremely fearful. Taking special circumstances into consideration to focus on the needs of individual patients is essential for every dental office. Being able to climb out of the scientific box and is undoubtedly the most important responsibility of all.

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