According to the Canadian Dental Association about 10 to 20 percent of Canadians admit avoiding the dentists because they are afraid. Dental phobia can be far more severe than regular anxiety and leave sufferers feeling panicked and terrified. While most people understand this fear is irrational, they have trouble overcoming it. Some will even avoid going to the dentists until they are in extreme pain. People who have trouble sleeping before a dental exam, feel nervous when in a dental office, cry at the thought of going to the dentists or have difficulty breathing before a dental exam suffer from dental phobia.

Below is a list of reasons many individuals are afraid to visit their dentists.

Many people avoid the dentist because they are afraid they will experience pain. Some have also heard horror stories from other people about the dentists that contributes to this fear. However, advances in the medical field has allowed a dentist visit to be far less painful.

Many individuals are afraid of injections especially in their mouth. Others worry anesthesia won’t work, and they will feel all the pain. However, most people will still be conscious during a dental treatment and will be able to tell the doctor if they feel pain. Some also fear anesthetic side affects such as a fat lip; however, these are generally uncommon.

Loss of Control
Many people are afraid of the dentists because they don’t want to lose control. Something about sitting in a dental chair and having a mouth closely inspected can feel emasculating for some. Understanding that it’s just a service visit can help overcome this fear.

The key to overcoming dental anxiety is to discuss the fears with the doctor in question. Dentists are used to patients who are afraid of them, and they may be able to find ways to relax a person’s nerves, so they feel more comfortable.