A person missing between one and three teeth may choose to have a dental bridge to solve the problem. A false tooth, known as a Pontiac, fills in the gap and dental crowns are attached to the surrounding teeth to keep the false tooth in place. But with various dental options available to a patient, what are the benefits of choosing a dental bridge?

Improve Your Appearance

Most people become very self-conscious about gaps in their teeth, often leading to them smiling less frequently. The gap might not be the only problem, with some people experiencing a changed facial appearance due to pressures being placed on your other teeth during chewing. A dental bridge can easily resolve this problem, and the quality of the false teeth make it very difficult for others to notice. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it is worth looking after.

Fixed in Place

In certain circumstances, removable dentures may be a good option, but a dental bridge does not require the same level of cleaning. The bridge stays fixed in your mouth and just requires regular cleaning along with a special type of floss. As long as you are following correct oral hygiene procedures, you can avoid any additional maintenance issues.


Dental care can often be very expensive, but a bridge is actually a more affordable option. It is a simple answer to a problem that afflicts many people, but should be affordable to most people looking to replace a missing tooth. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, so it is a good idea to discuss exactly what you need with your dentist.

Enables Easier Chewing

Chewing with a missing tooth can put a lot of pressure on the adjacent teeth, and the longer you go with a gap, the more strain these other teeth experience. This can lead to possible issues with the way you bite, the position of the surrounding teeth and possible gum disease due to trapped food. Filling in the gap will help avoid the gradual degradation of your other teeth.

High Level of Durability

A dental bridge is a strong and secure way of replacing a missing tooth. This is a tested process, and you can be fairly sure that the work will last a long time. By choosing a dental bridge you are choosing a tested and proven procedure.

While a dental bridge is not right for every circumstance, where it is appropriate it can radically improve the look, feel and condition of your mouth. A thorough mouth examination by your dentist will help guide you further on making the correct decision.