Most of us know about the traditional foods that can leave our teeth not-so pearly white (coffee, wine). But did you know that there are other foods that may be staining your teeth?

Many of experience teeth staining but don’t always think about the other foods that may be causing this problem. To keep your teeth pearly white we put a list of foods that can stain your teeth that you may not know about:

 1.    Berries:

Berries? Yes! Berries are very healthy but they also have the ability to stain our teeth. This is due to their intensely pigmented molecules that then stick to dental enamel. Juices, smoothies, cakes, pies, or other treats made from berries can also cause stains. Fruits with less pigmentation (i.e., grapes, cantaloupe) don’t have the same staining abilities so try to eat a combo of everything. Don’t stop eating berries just because they may stain your teeth, but prevent stains by brushing and flossing right after you eat.

 2.    Carbonated Drinks/Pop

Tea, coffee, and wine aren’t the only drinks that have teeth staining abilities – most carbonated drinks and pop do too! The acid and chromogens in these beverages are what can leave your teeth stained. In addition to stains, these drinks tend to be very acidic and in turn can be very erosive to our teeth. Yikes!

3.    Sauces

It has recently been found that darker coloured sauces such as tomato or curry can actually stain your teeth. We all know how tasty these kind of sauces can be but when possible try to opt for lighter coloured sauces to avoid staining your teeth. You don’t need to cook without dark sauces ever again, but try to alternate which sauces you’re cooking with and if you are eating darker sauces brush your teeth afterwards.

4.    Slushies, freezes, popsicles

Nothing beats a cold treat on a hot summer’s day! But if you ever have a look at the colour of your tongue after you indulge in one of these treats, the same thing is happening to your teeth. Try to avoid overly colour cold treats to avoid staining or opt for colourless flavours.

5.    Balsamic Vinegar:

Balsamic vinegar is a great flavour to add to any meal, but it comes with a price! With its dark colour, it’s a big tooth stainer. Try to eat lighter coloured vinegar on your meals to avoid staining.

We want you feeling confident and feeling good about your smile. If your smile has lost its pearly appearance, we can help. Diet, aging, lifestyle and many other factors cause teeth to yellow and dull.

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